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Timescales of Sediment Dynamics, Climate and Topographic Change in Mountain Environments (SedyMONT)

Understanding the timescales and controls of sediment dynamics are a prerequisite if we aim to predict the landscape response to changes in temperature, precipitation and runoff. This requires identification of sediment sources and sinks and the mechanisms and rates of sediment transfer at sites in different environments. In SedyMONT we will address this topic on the basis of

  1. historical records and field monitoring,
  2. morphometric and geologic histories,
  3. a conceptual modelling framework, and
  4. information on past and present climate variability and scenarios of future climate change.

We will collect data about sediment discharge and landscape changes for a variety of settings within Europe.

For more information about the scopes of SedyMONT please klick here.

Impressions from ESF TOPO-EUROPE SedyMONT Summer School on Detecting Landscape Change
August 31 - September 08, 2010, Loen, Norway.

The ESF TOPO-EUROPE SedyMONT Workshop and Summer School on Detecting Landscape Change was held from August 31 to September 8, 2010 in Loen (Nordfjord), western Norway. Get more information here.

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